Taliban Dig In But Can They Be Dislodged?

The Pakistan army is advancing in South Waziristan as the Taliban digs in for a long, tough fight in order to determine who will control the mountainous area. As Pakistan soldiers drive back Taliban forces they are being attacked themselves as their enemy resorts to suicide bombers that indiscriminately blow themselves up in marketplaces, army headquarters, schools and on roads. Over 170 Pakistani civilians and soldiers have died in these bombings. UN sources indicate over 100,000 civilians have fled the region, but the fight goes on. Pakistan forces are under international pressure to dislodge the Taliban in order to demonstrate their ability to win on the ground against this tenacious enemy.

Civilians report they are being offered two choices by the Taliban– join us and fight the army or leave the town and region. They also report Taliban forces are digging deep entrenchments in the mountains even as Pakistan helicopters and bombers blast away.

Reporters are blocked from accompanying the Pakistan army. We will not soon know if this is a successful assault.

  • journeyer58

    We must remember that in the midst of this ‘war’ against the Taliban, these people who claim to be part of the group, are in actuality also part of the tribal people that make up the people’s of South Waziristan.
    How in the world, are people not familiar with the area, to fight an ongoing ‘war’ with someone who has grown up in that area? It cannot and will not succeed, that is why the government of Pakistan, rightly chose to make the tribal areas autonomous or semi-autonomous.
    What Americans and their European counterparts think is in terms of ‘warfare’ stemming from World War II, or even Vietnam.
    It is not in the best interests of either Europe or the United States to goad the Pakistanis into fighting a losing war. Much the same as we have done in Iraq and Afghanistan.