Taliban Enrage Pakistan Villagers

The Talliban have assumed for many years that using violence would frighten villagers and allow the imposition of their own brand of the Muslim religion. Taliban militants recently bombed a mosque in the northwest region of the nation which resulted in an outburst of rage by local villagers. They organized their own 500 man militia and set out to kill Talibans in their area. Their response was to recent bombing attacks by Taliban elements against mosques and the center of towns in order to create chaos and death. One resident of Upper Dir, said: “We are Muslims, we pray regularly and read the Koran. We don’t want them(Taliban), they have to go. Attacking a mosque is not Islam. They’re not Muslim.”

The Pakistan army is now reporting other examples of villagers rallying to attack the Taliban. The government of Pakistan for far too long has failed to recognize vigorously combating the Taliban is the best path to ending the power of fundamentalist Islam.