Taliban Execute Seven Afghan Policemen

As American troops fight in the streets of Baghdad in the Bush surge, fighting continues escalating in Afghanistan where yesterday, the bodies of seven policemen were found hanging from trees with their arms and legs slashed. The figure for the number of dead in Afghanistan has now risen to 6,000 this year which marks a new high for those killed. It increasingly is apparent the Taliban are expanding their base of operations in Afghanistan and moving more insurgents into northern areas which previously had been more peaceful. A question which eventually must be answered by the United States is whether there is a necessity of enforcing an “Afghan Surge” in which thousands of fresh United States army troops are sent to fight in the nation they evacuated in order to take part in Bush’s Iraq war fiasco. There is growing reluctance on the part of several NATO nations to have their troops in Afghanistan engage in military action, preferring their talents be used to economically develop the nation or train Afghan fighting forces.