Taliban Foiled In Plan To Kill Afghan School Girls

Within a day after Osama bin Lalden told the world that America and Europe were the enemies of Afghanistan, US and Afghan troops uncovered bombs set to go off when 400 school girls entered the Poorak Girls School in eastern Logar province. A hand grenade and another bomb were rigged to explode at the school’s entrance. Col. Abdul Majeed Latifi, deputy chief in Logar said: “I am 100 percent sure this was the work of the Taliban.” Upon arrival, US troops found two mortar shells underneath a footbridge in front of the school that was only a few feet from the home of a family.

Osama bin Laden continually complains that US and NATO forces have brought death and destruction to Afghanistan. There is no doubt in many cases lack of accuracy in bombing has resulted in the death of hundreds of innocent Afghan men, women, and children. But, for those duly concerned about such carelessness, there should be equal concern about the barbarity of the Taliban which kills fellow Muslims in the name of some sort of righteous need. How does one justify killing school girls?