Taliban Get Out Of Jail Card

There are occasions during the war in Afghanistan when it becomes difficult to ascertain as to who is on which side and who is the enemy. At least once a month, an Afghan soldier picks up his rifle and shoots an American or NATO of fellow Afghan soldier. Three years ago in Kandahar, the Taliban found a way to enter the city jail and free about 800 Taliban soldiers. We can assume over the past three years efforts were made to improve security at the Kandahar prison. My words contain, “an assumption.”

Over the weekend, the Taliban built a 320 metre tunnel underneath the Kandahar prison, enter the facilities, and apparently their agents had secured copies of keys to open the cells. Within hours, over 450 prisoners were walking through the tunnels and then emerging into fresh air where they could resume fresh attacks on US and NATO forces. Early reports indicate a dozen top level Taliban commanders were among those who escaped.

American troops risk their lives to capture Taliban leaders, and Afghan forces do their best to free Taliban leaders. Is it any wonder that Americans feel frustrated and dejected at the endless, senseless war in Afghanistan?