Taliban Heroes

I admit to not being a Muslim, I admit to not regarding men who kill young girls or wound them with acid as among the heroes of my life. However, I do believe the Taliban is among the great forces for social justice in the world. They attempted to murder a 14 year old girl, Malala Yousufzai she desires to have young women get an education rather than performing their duties to satisfy some male lust for sex. Any sane person would recoil at such attitudes which proves my point about the Taliban fostering social justice and peace. After all,no sane person would believe such ideas.

Those residing in the West have abundant idiot groups, thank God they have lacked the opportunity to carry out their insane ideas. Perhaps, the solution to attain world peace is sending American conservatives and religious nut cases to live in Pakistan and join some Taliban group.

How many of men reading this have the courage to beat up a girl or throw acid in her face?? See why we need the Taliban??