Taliban Hurt By Air Attacks

Taliban fighters are angry due to recent US air strikes which apparently led to the death of a few of their senior leaders. At least one high level Taliban leader was among the 24 killed in an American air attack. Residents in the area say the Taliban has warned them not to investigate the site of the bombing or to discuss any aspect of the situation with outside sources. One one hand a few Taliban leaders have been killed, but, on the other hand, thousands of civilians are fleeing the area. As always, civilians are trapped in a dilemma. It they give aid to the Taliban, they are subject to punishmen by the Afghan government or coalition forces. If they do give aid, they open themselves to attack by militant.

The people of Afghanistan are trapped and don’t know how to escape, Government, US forces, and the Taliban threaten and warn people. For many, the only escape is to flee or to die.