Taliban In All Out War In Pakistan

The old proverb about the fruits of one’s harvest not always being what was desired has come home to bedevil the people of Pakistan. Gunmen on motorbikes killed a soldier and a general in Islamabad as part of an all out Taliban attack on the Pakistan armed forces. Ironically, Pakistan’s secret intelligence agency, the ISI, is the creator of the Taliban which they hoped would take over Afghanistan and be useful in Pakistan’s conflict with India. The major problem for the Pakistan armed forces is the need to shift from their half century focus on preventing an attack from India and focus on their real enemies — the ones they have created to deal with India– the Taliban! l

Attacks by al-Qaeda and the Taliban this month have resulted in the deaths of 185 people as well as closing many universities due to an assault on Islamabad’s Islamic University. Isn’t it about time the Pakistan government called upon its college students to have open discussions about the Taliban? Isn’ it about time the ISI and other Pakistan military agencies shifted focus inward or to the west and abandoned concern about India. Reality is there is no prospect of an Indian invasion of Pakistan in this day and age.