Taliban Night Letters Of Death

Afghans call them “night letters,” notes scattered or pushed under doorways by Taliban militants in the dead of night which threaten vilalgers if they cooperate with foreign forces or those of the government. As American troops intensify their efforts in southeastern regions of the country, the mailmen of the night increase their delivery of deadly messages. The notes are poorly written, but the intent is clear– stay away from those fighting the Taliban or face the sentence of death. Lt. Augie Gonzalez, of the US army says, “the threats are real and it gets to them, you sense it. The villagers don’t want the Taliban there, there’s no sympathy and they’ll tell you that straight, but they can’t take them on on their own.”

Four US soldiers were killed in ambushes last week, and a roadside bomb left two wounded which requires amputation of legs. Schools are burnt and villages terrorized but the war goes on and on with no let up.