Taliban Not Rallying For Talks

President Obama has set a deadline of getting out of Afghanistan by some point in late 2011. There is scant evidence military efforts will be able to drive out the Taliban or lead to any sort of collapse of its forces. A problem when one sets deadlines is at some point the deadline is today, not tomorrow and then either carry out the deadline or one is sending a message that deadlines are not set in stone. A senior Taliban leader told AP there is no evidence that top level Taliban officials are either meeting secretly with President Karzai or his representatives or do they have any real interest in peace with the government. He told the AP that in mosques throughout Afghanistan, hand written notes are being circulated that were sent by Taliban head Mullah Mohammed Omar which makes clear he is NOT involved in discussions with the West or with Karzai about an armistice or truce. There is also evidence that as NATO and American military efforts in Helmand province are impacting Taliban forces they simply are leaving the area and heading to eastern provinces like Ghazai.

Sorry, Barack, you missed the chance in January 2009 to get the hell out of Afghanistan and blame Republicans for the entire mess. You also missed the chance in January, 2009 to blame Republicans for the economic collapse and missed that chance. Just remember, three strikes and you are out.