Taliban Offers Joint Commission Proposal

The Taliban, in a rather unusual comment offered to work with US and NATO forces as part of a commission that would deal with issues of civilian deaths in Afghanistan. Their website made the following proposal for a new group that would deal with deaths of the innocent. “The stated committee should (be) given a free hand to survey the affected areas as well as people in order to collect precise information and the factr and figures and disseminate its findings worldwide.” Getting members of the Taliban working on a commission with US officials is an important first step toward investigating possibilities of ways to resolve the conflict in Afghanistan.

The offer comes as General David Petraeus was telling the media the struggle in Afghanistan will be long and difficult. “It’s a gradual effort. It’s a deliberate effort. There’s no hill to take, or flag to plant and proclamation of victory.” Agreed. Now, let’s reach out to the Taliban and begin a process that might result in peace.