Taliban On The Run Says General McChrystal

General Stanley McChrystal told “Good Morning America” the situation in Afghanistan was turning into better mornings for American soldiers. He insists the surge is working and “has changed the way we operate in Afghanistan and is blunting the Taliban momentum.” He commented about a recent meeting with village elders in an area the Taliban used to control and how happy they were about the future. We are pleased the general is pleased with progress, but one has to wonder if the general might not have taken an extra dose of happiness pills. His comments came a week after seven CIA agents were killed in their camp and on a day in which three American soldiers died making the total for four days about six American dead.

Optimism is a wonderful feeling and there is no doubt to lead requires a sense that things are improving. Unfortunately, the American people for eight long years have heard one optimistic statement after another while the death rate of US soldiers rises. How about a does of reality?