Taliban Say Talley HO!

The ever confusing minds of Taliban leaders once again emerged to express belief they are simply peaceful folk in search of stability in Afghanistan. The Taliban regards itself as supporters of peace and calm in the  country against warlike US and NATO forces. Agha Jan Motasin, of the Taliban Council, outlined the problem in his nation and among his followers. There are those who believe foreigners(Americans, that is) “want to solve the problem” and there are peace loving Talibans who want to end fighting.

“I can tell you though, that the majority of the Taliban and the Taliban leadership want a broad based government for all Afghan people and an Islamic system like other Islamic countries.” And the way to achieve that goal is: (a) release captured Taliban soldiers, (b) take the names of Talibans off list of terrorists, and (c) accept the Taliban as a political party.”

Sounds fairly achievable. Of course, what is meant by “Islamic law?” There is a world of difference between Turkey and Saudi Arabia.