Taliban Threatened By Enemy!

Malala YOusufzai is among the world’s leading terrorists. She has been organzing secret groups of young girls whose goal is to destroy the Taliban. What else could the brave warriors of Islam do but to silence this CIA agent. OK, so she is fourteen, big deal, what prevents a 14 year old girl from slaughtering thousands of brave Taliban warriors? The Taliban issued a statement explaining reasons for halting this evil young woman.

“She used to propogate against the mujahideen(holy warriors) to defame the Taliban. The Koran says that people propogating against Islam and Islamic forces should be killed. We targeted her because she would speak against the Taliban while sitting with shameless strangers and idealised the biggest enemey of Islam, Barack Obama.”

Gee, I am confused. Fox News says Obama is a Muslim who hates America and now you claim he is against Islam. Maybe the Taliban should go after Fox News and  leave the kids alone.