Taliban Too Tall A Task

The United States this year will celebrate or remember or commemorate or whatever you wish to describe the tenth year fighting in Afghanistan. We did have Osama bin Laden trapped in the mountains of that country in the fall of 2001 but George Bush had other things on his mind such as invading Iraq. Ten years later, ten years of ongoing war and death and destruction have ensued with no end in sight other than more dead US/NATO troops and thousands of innocent Afghans. A recent article in The New Yorker argues President Obama has secretly entered into negotiations with Taliban leaders in an effort to end the madness known as the war in Afghanistan. The other day Secretary of State Hillary Clinton noted: “We will never kill enough insurgents to end the war outright.” Her comment is a statement of reality. We have come a long way from right wing conservative pundits on Fox News claiming anyone who opposed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was simply a secret terrorist.

Today, few want to continue any war. We can negotiate now or we can negotiate later. In either case, we will have to negotiate. Better today than tomorrow, better today than never.