Taliban Warns Canada-Get Out Or Get Killed!

The Taliban has sent a warning to the “Canadian people” saying it will kill Canadians unless they immediately leave Afghanistan. The “open letter” addressed to the “Canadian people” came just days after a Taliban ambush killed two Canadians, Shairly Case and Jaqueline Kirk in Logar province who were working for the International Rescue Committee. “Events such as Logar will happen again, because occupied Afghanistan looks at all actors that are established din the interest of americans with an eye of hostility. You have to convince your government to put an end to the occupation of Afghanistan so that the Afghans are not killed with your hands and so that you are not killed with the hands of the Afghans.” Naturally, the Taliban insist they are not going to Canada so why are Canadians in their land.

Violence in Afghanistan continues to escalate not merely due to lack of sufficient armed forces, but to the failure on the part of the Afghanistan government to end corruption and to initiate programs of economic and social reform. The Taliban are attempting to cast the coalition effort in Afghanistan as simply an arm of American foreign policy. Any nation with troops in Afghanistan is trapped in the failure of George Bush to present efforts in Afghanistan as representing the needs of the people of Afghanistan. The shadow of Bush failures is always present in that region of the world.

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    There is a response to this Open Letter from the Afghan Resistance on Mostly Water:

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