Taliban Warns Of New Attacks

President Obama, on recommendation of military leaders agreed to the dispatch of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan in order to crush Taliban forces. There have been some victories against terrorist groups, but, there is no evidence the Taliban is going away. In fact, Taliban sources made clear it was going on the offense. “All foreign invading forces will ultimately face defeat” was their message to the media. There new offense is supposed to begin this week and includes killing several members of the Karzai government. Afghan Defense Minister Abdul Wardak dismissed the threat on grounds the Taliban lacks the resources to carry out any such action. “I do believe it is a propaganda campaign rather than a reality.” President Karzai this past weekend in the Washington Post claimed the international effort in Afghanistan “still has miles to go.” He blamed continued civilian casualties as impairing any effort to win over the general population.

Karzai met with wounded American soldiers and reminded them the people of Afghanistan were just like any other people who desire peace. The president is correct, but, of course, in other societies they have leaders who don’t rob the people blind nor do they take funds designed to help the poor and keep it for themselves.