Talk Or We Blow You Up!

Anyone who desires to assume the office of Secretary of State in the United States of America must assume the position of  responding to constant demands from the government of North Korea for someone to PLEASE pay attention to their demands to be heard. After all, how can they get through a day without one warning concerning the end of humanity unless the US accepts their demands. Number One demand is: you will listen to US or else! North Korea’s top diplomat said the US, UNCONDITIONALLY, must accept its demand to engage in dialogue if it really wants to lower tensions and reach some agreement with the Supreme Leader, Kim Jon-un.

Let me quote North Korea Foreign Minister Pak Ui-chun; “The US must unconditionally accede to… our good will gesture if it is truly interested in ending this vicious cycle of intensifying tension.”

I think North Korea needs to hire someone who can teach them how to  negotiate with other world leaders