Talk With Cuba?

American and Cuban officials will be meeting this week for their six month required session in which they supposedly discuss the 20,000 potential visas allowed those in Cuba to reside in the United States of America. Senator Marco Rubio’s office and that of Ted Cruz will issue a stinging attack on the Obama administration for daring to engage in talks with tyrants who hold innocent people in jail. Americans will be treated to the history of Fidel Castro, one time boy wonder of democracy who became transformed into the world’s number one villain because he displayed his true colors as a COMMUNIST! Just imagine, American presidents engaged in talks with Communist leaders! Where are you Ronald Reagan now that we need you? Fidel Castro betrayed the principle on which he conducted his civil war against dictator Batista, and gained victory for -supposedly creation of a democratic society in Cuba. Castro and his brother lied to the people of Cuba. They killed innocent people along with those who cooperated with the Batista regime. They have sent to prison gays and lesbians, they have imprisoned those who speak against the government.

Every complaint made by Rubio or Cruz is correct. But, the United States engages in massive trade and diplomatic relations with Communist China whose policies toward dissent make the Castro boys look like saints. Vladimir Putin in Russia sends to jail dozens of innocent people, and our leaders have pleasant chats with his officials. Heck, we are sending our athletes to the Sochi Games! It is time to engage with the Castro regime. It is time to end sanctions and attempt another strategy-trade and commerce. It is time to cease punishing the people of Cuba and provide them an opportunity to enter into the world arena.

If the American government can enter into talks and trade with major tyrants, surely we can trade with Cuba.