Talking In Korea

The world has experienced another North Korean drama. It begins with violent language, it moves on to some form of violence and then we must witness masses of people waving flags and promising enduring love for the Beloved Leader, Kim Jong-un and eventually things quiet down and lo and behold someone from the North Korean government is sitting someplace engaged in talks with someone from South Korea. South Korea’s Unification Policy Officer, Chun Hae-sung is meeting in Panmunjom with Kim Song Hye of the North Korean government.

It is unclear what is the purpose of the meeting other than agreeing to meet again for further talks. At some point in these conversations, the North Korean delegate will insist that if South Korea is serious about these discussions they could ship north a whole bunch of food. South Korea will demand an end to nuclear testing and North Korea will demand more and more food. I assume this scenario will be played out next year and the year after. At least it keeps people jawing together rather than warring together.