Tally-Ho Yells Taliban

Throughout the history of the nation of Pakistan has been continual dream that one day, India would be defeated and Pakistan would be the dominant nation in southeast Asia. Another dream is the belief all that is required to compel Pakistan terrorist groups is to accommodate their desires and extend the gentle hand of peace. Unfortunately, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has but one gaol–destroy the government of Pakistan and wipe out anyone who has the slightest interest in cultural beliefs consistent with the 21st century. This group believes in violence, it believes that anyone who seeks peace with India or western nations is an enemy who must be destroyed. For the past year, the Pakistan government has engaged in still another series of peace talks with this band of crazies.

So, what happened yesterday? These terrorists sent a ten men group of men to destroy the main airport in Karachi. The Jinnah International Airport was the scene of mayhem and violence as they blasted away at security guards, at passengers, and at the armed forces. When quiet was finally restored, the ten men were dead along with a dozen other innocent people. Most probably, the Pakistan government will once again initiate peace talks. The only intelligent peace talks should be with the government of India!