Tamil Tigers In Sri Lanka Kill Their Own People

The Tamil Tigers who have conducted a civil war in Sri Lanka for over two decades are now trapped in a narrow portion at the northern tip of the island. UNICEF reports the rebels are desperate and are forcing civilians to aid them and even recruiting children in order to have more soldiers in their collapsing rebellion. According to UN officials, “we have clear indication that the LTTE has intensified the forcible recruitment of civilians and that children as young as 14 old are now being targeted.” The end is near for the Tamil insurgents and they apparently intend to take down as many civilians and children with them as the noose tightens around them.

Most of the remaining Tamil are in a small area and if civilians attempt to leave the rebels either shoot them or force them to remain behind and become part of the debacle that shortly will engulf those who continue fighting. Those civilians who manage to escape find there are few medical facilities available to care for them and even those are being shelled by both sides.

The curtain is coming down on the Tamil Tigers and it is tragic that a group which claimed to be fighting for their people’s right to have freedom are now killing those same people.