Tangled Web Of Iran

The vast majority of people in Iran are Shiites, but there is also a sizable Sunni minority as well as numerous members of the Bahai faith. A Sunni militant group named Jundallah has been conducting guerrilla warfare against the government and during the past month pulled off a few suicide raids that left about 50 dead. Iran’s government termed the rebels “corruption on earth, fighting against God and the Prophet and confronting the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. I take offense at this description. It was my interpretation those expressions are reserved for jewish and Christian infidels. It is shocking to discover we are now in the same classification as a bunch of Sunni Muslim terrorists. Of course, the situation becomes even worse when we discover the Iran government believes Sunni al-Qaida is behind Jundallah and it has been receiving money from the American government to support the terror campaign against Iran.

The tangled web of Iranian thinking is beyond my comprehension. I thought the US was fighting against al-Qaida and it now turns out we are their ally. What next– we will soon learn that Israel is an ally of al-Qaida and both are plotting to overthrow the sacred government of Iran.