Tanks Of December

Mohamed Morsi barely secured a majority of votes in the election for president since he only obtained about 51%. One would assume, given this narrow victory, a president would poceed with caution and respect for opposing groups. Alas, this is not the Morsi way. Together with his Muslim Brotherhood supporters a new constitution was pushed through without input from Christian or secular or moderate Muslim ideas. This document makes  free speech a doubtful prospect and subjects moderate Muslims and Christians to life under a fundamentalist Muslim theocracy.

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians were in Tahrir Square to express disgust with this petty tyrant. Fights broke out between members of the MB and secular protesters. At least five are dead and over 350 injured. Tanks now guard the presidential palace even as fights are seen between MB followers and their opponents. Three senior advisers to Morsi have resigned. Prime Minister Hesham Kandi urged negotiation.

Former UN diplomat Mohamed ElBardi now heads opposing factions and he made clear to Morsi, “bullying will nto  yield any results for this country.”