Taiwan Walks Tightrope With China

Newly elelcted president of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou, whose confrontational pro-independence polcies have angered China has made clear he wants to find a way in which the rights of Taiwan can be protected without angering China. His Nationalist Party has never renounced a desire for an eventual unification with China, but that goal is hardly one which raises enthusiasm on Taiwan. Ma seeks to emphasize economic relations and push political issues to the backburner. He wants a huge expansion in tourists from China and would like to integrate Taiwan even more closely with the expanding Chinese economy.

Ma is being very careful to emphasize Taiwan’s link to Chinese history and will even refer to Taiwan as the Republic of China. He wants detente with China, he wants close economic ties, but he also wants Taiwan to control its own destiny as an independent democratic nation. Perhaps, in twenty years mainland China will have become a democratic society which would end any problems in bringing together these two historic Chinese entities.

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  • Qrs

    “Newly elelcted president of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou, whose confrontational pro-independence polcies…” Since when has Ma Ying-jeou been pro-independence? Do you mean (outgoing President) Chen Shui-bian? Please check your facts before writing.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    He has never supported joining with China which logically entails Taiwan being an independent entity. I believe that is logic. Are you claiming he wants Taiwan to become part of China? Check your facts.

  • Qrs

    Check your facts: The official policy of Ma and the KMT is that they still support unification, but have no timetable. That’s status quo, not ‘pro-independence’. More to the point, his policies have not angered China. In fact, China has established a working relationship with the KMT, in recent years and just after Ma’s election, Hu Jintao met with Ma’s VP, Xiao Wan Chang. Next week, KMT Chairman Wo Boxiong will hold a meeting with CCP leaders in Beijing. Ma’s policies include establishing direct flights, dramatically increasing the number of Chinese tourists allowed in Taiwan, and closer economic integration with the mainland. This is angering China?
    Chen Shuibian of the DPP and others of the explicitly pro-independence Pan-Green coalition have regularly inspired the animus of Beijing– Chen seemed to enjoy playing the troublemaker. After 8 years of him, Beijing is widely acknowledged to have favored Ma over his DPP rival, Xie Changting.
    Check those facts again- or just start reading about Taiwanese politics. You can start here if you like:

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    I realize he is not strident about China and avoids angering Chinese officials. But, his view of the future does not coincide with that of the Chinese government. Talking about some sort of “unification” years into the future might be regarded by the Chinese government as a stall. In the meantime, Taiwan is independent.

  • Qrs

    It doesn’t matter what you think- what you think is not a fact. The fact is that Ma supports a third option that is not independence and not unification. He has also *not* angered Beijing. These are the facts, no matter what your ‘logic’ is.
    A BBC Story this morning should lat this to rest:
    “In a speech, Beijing’s top official for Taiwan, Chen Yunlin, said there had been “major positive changes” in the situation in Taiwan.

    His comments came two days after a new president took office in Taiwan.

    Ma Ying-jeou wants better ties with China and has called for a “new chapter of peace” between the two sides.

    His predecessor, Chen Shui-bian, had angered China with moves towards formal independence, and relations had been severely strained. ”

    Detente was neither Cold nor Hot war. Status quo along the Taiwan strait is neither unification nor independence. And you saying that Ma has angered Beijing is just persistently ignorant hogwash. Just because you say something, doesn’t make it a ‘fact’.
    Check your facts and get it right- admit when you’re wrong and learn the lesson.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    If Ma wants “unification” with China, why is Taiwan spending bllions of dollars purchasing missile defenses and planes from the United States? There are three options to the situation:
    1. Immediate unification and a status as that enjoyed by Hong Kong.
    2. Continued Taiwan action which constitutes functioning as an independent nation.
    3. Wait it out until China develops into a democracy and enter as a semi-autonmous province.