Tax Wealthy, They Won’t Work?

Current tax rates are the lowest in sixty years, but Republicans insist if taxes are raised the wealthy folk of this nation will cease creating jobs. I am not the brightest person in the world, but if higher taxes are the reason why wealthy folk don’t create jobs, and we currently have the lowest tax rates in sixty years, how come there are not a surplus of jobs? I, like our Republican leaders, am terrified about raising taxes on those who makes lots of money. If we deprive them of  their money,  who will purchase yachts or small planes? After all, diamond rings, pearls, and other such items are what drives the American economy.

Of course, there is always the issue of “fairness.” Is it “fair” to ask a person making $500,000 a year to pay at the same rate his Social Security tax as that paid by someone who makes 50,000? If I make $500,000 my Social Security tax represents 1% of my income unlike the jerk who makes $60,000 and pays 5% of her income. Let’s maintain a fair tax rate, those who make more should pay less. Why?Because they make more, you idiot!

Never forget, we live in Tea Party America.