Tea Party Backer Backs Iran

Charles and David Koch are among the most liberal providers of money to the Tea Party and to Republicans in their effort to eliminate liberals from power in the United States of America. They fund conservative think tanks, they fund anyone who wants to  attack President Obama and they also help fund the government of Iran which is hostile to the USA. It turns out they have been selling tens of millions of dollars worth of petrochemicals to Iran via use of foreign subsidaries.

It is against the law to  engage in trade with Iran, but they are the Koch boys who shout their patriotism, accuse President Obama of not even being born in this country, and proceed to fund and assist a major enemy of American efforts to gain peace in the Middle East. Bloomberg Markets magazine funded reporters in seven countries to dig up this story. Koch Industries insist their sales to Iran were legal.

I wonder what Tea Party supporters think about the Koch brothers who give them money and also give to the government of Iran?