Tea Party Blows Cold

It is now quite clear that the Tea Party has lost its mojo and no longer frightens anyone in this fair land. The Republican establishment has beaten off every Tea Party challenge in a primary and now is clear that its future does not lie with drinking tea with nut cases. Although the Tea Party has lost its chance to gain power by winning seats in the House of Representatives of Senate, it does still retain power.

1. Republican establishment figures now mouth the same words as do Tea Party folk. The only difference is they have learned to speak in more moderate tones.
2. There is absolutely no evidence that John Boehner or Ted Cruz are that much different in political goals from those of the Tea Party.
3. The essential craziness of the Tea Party remains the gospel of the establishment–there is no climate change, we must reduce taxes in order to balance the budget and let’s all be against medical insurance. Not a single Republican leader has offered the semblance of a plan to deal with the reality that 50,000,000 Americans lacked health insurance until passage of the Affordable Care Act.
4. The Tea Party lost the battle, but they have won the war to transform the Republican party as the party of –NO.