Tea Party Bug Catching?

There is a vast political shift occurring within the western world as an aging population has lost connection with political leaders and seeks in the unknown someone who has a known answer for maladies of modern times. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has for years presented himself as a man who knows what is going on, but recent polls indicate he doesn’t even know what is going on in France. Marie Le Pen, whose father has led right wing bigots for decades, is now the top person in a three party poll as to who voters want as their next president. She garnered 23% of the vote to 22% for Sarkozy and 22% for Socialist candidate Martine Aubry. In other words, her UMP party doubled its popularity among French people from 12% to 22%. In one sense, this vote is not surprising given recent votes for right wing kooks like the Tea Party in America.

There is increasing evidence those who maintain the status quo are not those the voting population seeks as leaders in the new era of economic dislocation. They want someone with ideas, even if the ideas do not make any sense. Voters are frightened and in their fear have come to believe the present must be altered. President Obama, who believes in caution and not rocking the boat, still does not get the message. Voters want someone with passion and new ideas, they do not want incremental advances. They want action even if the action makes no sense. When will Obama get the point– challenge Republicans on the issue of JOBS! Offer a program for JOBS and people will support these efforts, even if it results in higher deficits.