Tea Party Defies American People!

Mr. Cliven Bundy is a determined citizen who intends to secure his rights as an American to live off the land owned by the American people and not pay a damned single penny. Pseudo heroes have rallied around the latest “hero” of Fox News and the Tea Party. Mr. Bundy has a melon ranch and runs hundreds of cattle on land that is the property of this nation, not that of another corporation out to make money for itself. The process of saving western lands began under the regime of that notorious SOCIALIST –President Theodore Roosevelt, a REPUBLICAN. Teddy wanted to prevent greedy capitalists from taking over land that should be held in trust for future generations of Americans. Thus, was born great national parks and efforts to protect wild life and the soil of America.

The Bureau of Land Management charges ranchers who seek to graze the land $1.35 per month for each cattle. Without this grazing land, ranchers would have to pay much larger sums in order to provide food for their cattle. Mr. Bundy now owes $1.1 million and insists that he can have his cattle graze without paying for grazing American land. Naturally, hundreds of Tea Party zealots are rallying against “the government” and are armed and ready to blast away at Federal agents. “Come Stand With Us For Freedom” is their banner. Once again, the wealthy refuse to pay even minimum charges to their government. Once again, the wealthy only have one concern-MAKE MONEY OFF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!