Tea Party Fascist Connections

The English Defense League is reaching out to the American Tea Party in order to create a united movement which opposes Muslims. The English Defense League(EDL) is simply another right wing group which claims to oppose “big government” but in reality fosters hate and prejudice. It recently invited Rabbi Nachum Shifren to speak in London concerning the evils of Sharia law, which, of course, is not supported by any Muslim groups in England. The good rabbi most probably will hop over to Germany and confer with right wing Nazi groups in order to ensure there is a cleansing program which eliminates Muslims and Jews from areas where there presence is not desired. The EDL has also formed a connection with Pamela Geller, who help lead the fight in New York City against construction of a mosque near the sacred ground zero. As of this time, the environs of this sacred ground are confined to bars, video stores and clothing stores which exemplify the right way to remember those who died on 9/11.

Right wing groups these days are clever enough to disguise their true purpose by calling themselves. the Civil Liberties Alliance, a group whose goal is to deny civil liberties to Muslims. Their hope is to unite European and American right wing groups such as the Tea Party into a modern neo-fascist alliance of hate.