Tea Party Illiterates Blast Liberal Illiterates!!

I can never suppress a smile reading or hearing what Tea Party leaders say about America or American history. It is quite clear, not only from their name, but their statements few have ever read a history of the United States of America. Former Rep. Tom Tancredo told a gathering of Tea Party illiterates the only reason Barack Obama was elected was because, “we do not have a civics literacy test before people can vote.” OK, let us examine the history of the Tea Party.

In 1754, a young American from Virginia, George Washington, was sent by the governor to deal with French incursions in the Ohio Valley. The failed Washington attempt was the opening spark in a conflict we term, the French and Indian War, but Europeans refer to the Seven Years war. In a nutshell, the British fought France all over the world and finally in 1761 were able to triumph. The war placed an enormous burden on the British people, which is the cause of “taxation” of the colonies to help pay costs. Most British taxes were repealed after colonial complaints, but in reality over 90% of taxes paid by colonists were voted by their own assemblies.

Ah, the infamous Tea Party. Sorry, Mr. Illiterate Tom Tancredo, but the BRITISH LOWERED THE PRICE OF TEA– THEY DID NOT RAISE IT!! It was believed if the East India Tea Company could sell lower price tea, people would cease buying from smugglers.

So, we have morons known as the Tea Party ranting about taxes. I wonder if any of them realize the US has among the LOWEST rates of taxation? Tell me, Mr. Tancredo, is your party upset when taxes are lowered??