Tea Party Myths Exposed

There is no question that members of the Tea Party have God on their side in the struggle to end poverty in this country. It is clear to the Tea Party that our economic problems stem from millions of Americans who are lazy, refuse to work and refuse to pay taxes. If we could only get this shiftless mass of people working at McDonald’s or picking peaches or shoveling shit, then prosperity would return to America and we then could end all taxes on our “job creators” which would stimulate the greatest economic boom in the history of the United States of America. Of course, Tea Party folk are good Christians and what better way to remember the words of Jesus Christ who in His Sermon on the Mount called for ending taxes on the wealthy than to end unemployment benefits for those lazy bums. Most probably,most of them are Muslims, but pretending to be Christians. The struggle for the heart and soul and economic foundations of America now clearly rests on the proposition that unemployed people must shift for themselves and cease being pampered. There are reports that those on unemployment insurance actually spend OUR money on things like sodas and smoking!

Senator Harry Reid and a Republican senator from Nevada will propose extending unemployment benefits until the end of March which would allow time to examine how to deal with those unable to find a job. It has yet to come to the attention of fellow Republicans that a serious lack of good paying jobs exists in this country. A hundred years ago, conservative Republican, Henry Ford, introduced the idea of good pay for his workers so they could purchase his cars. A rather novel idea which proved successful in stimulating the American economy for over thirty years. High pay means one can purchase high priced items!

Oh, the minimum wage is higher in most west European nations than here in America. As far as we can ascertain, there has not been an exodus of wealthy folk from those countries.