Tea Party Opposes Name Calling!

Surprise, surprise, the party that has continually insulted President Obama claiming he is everything from a terrorist to a secret Muslim to being un-American and in league with the  Devil is now upset because a Democratic member of Congress told these loud mouth bull shit artists to go straight to Hell. Tea Party co-founders, Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler want President Obama to censure Rep. Maxine Waters who told the entire crowd of ignorant purveyors of filth to ‘go straight to hell.”

I am confused. What exactly have members of the Tea Party been calling the president? How frequently do they term him, “un-American?” How many times did they insult former President George Bush who transformed a $5 Trillion debt into an $11 Trillion debt? How many times  did they demand cuts in government spending while Bush was president?

I will admit one should not tell members of the Tea Party to “go straight to hell.” Hell, they already are there!