Tea Party Party Of Historical Ignorance

Once again the Tea Party demonstrated its ignorance of history by unveiling a billboard which displays portraits of President Obama, Adolf Hitler and Nikolai Lenin. Under the photos was a statement saying: “Radical Leaders prey On The Fearful And Naive.” Bob Johnson of the North Iowa Tea Party refuses to apologize for this insult to the president on grounds that Obama is a socialist. It is quite clear members of the Tea Party have never read a book which explains Socialism, have no idea what were the goals of Lenin or Hitler, and continue to dwell in the house of ignorance. Ironically, earlier today I encountered a Tea Party member while having a cup of coffee. He informed me that Social Security was a Socialist idea as was the income tax. I asked him about the origin of social security and he responded: “Woodrow Wilson.” I then pointed out Social Security was first initiated in the 1880s by Otto von Bismarck and he responded: “Who is that?” I pointed out to him the original impetus for the income tax in America came from the farmer dominated Populist Party in the 1890s. I could have been discussing nuclear physics because this typical Tea Party schmuck knew as much about history as I do about fixing a car–which is absolutely nothing!

How can one explain to these morons that Social Security in America was NOT a Socialist idea. Socialists have always desired that social security be paid from general tax funds, not by workers and bosses. I was told by the TEAPOT MORON that Theodore Roosevelt as well as Franklin Roosevelt were Socialists! I hope Teddy is not upset, just remember, Teddy, there are Americans these days who learn the nation’s history from the likes of Glenn Beck!

I await Tea Party claims that George Washington was a Socialist because he wanted a strong federal government and he endorsed the Hamilton Bank of the US.

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    I think that picture is unethical.