Tea Party Party?

Yesterday, I was simply having a morning coffee when I encountered one of those people who call themselves members of the Tea Party. He was rambling on and on about the man from Kenya who should be in jail rather than in the White House and the unconstitutional Affordable Care Act–oops, Obamacare. We sort of did not hit it off after I asked him what he actually knew about the Tea Party. He insisted the oppressive British government had raised taxes on the American people causing them to revolt. I pointed out the British government lowered the price of tea which led him to question my place of birth. I asked him who paid for Emergency Room service which left him a bit confused. I pointed out the people of America paid the cost of this service which led to higher taxes. That got him mad. As far as he was concerned, if you got sick, then die.

I inquired of his religion and he told me that he was a CHRISTIAN. I inquired if Jesus Christ would be for health care for all and he declaimed that his Lord cared about people, but he really only cared about people with jobs who loved God. That set him off about immigrants. He is against them. I noted there were no humans until immigrants arrived from Asia and Europe so were we all illegal immigrants. By this time he wanted my name and address in order to contact the FBI or Homeland Security or someone.

I asked if he would like to join me in a new Tea Party event in which we would dump bankers into the Mississippi River but he declined, got out his cell phone and dialed the FBI.