Tea Party Patriot In Action

Members of the Tea Party are rather loud in proclaiming dislike of the government of the United States of America while at the same time blasting Democrats for not being true blooded American heroes. Tea Party stalwarts insist that Government is the problem, not the solution. Of course, Tea Party folk drive on government built roads, bridges, attend government financed schools and in an emergency will rush to a hospital and allow society to pay for their medical expenses.

Republican Congresswoman Nan Hayworth represents Westchester and Dutchess and other counties that are north of New York City. She boasts of her belief in the evils of government. The evil IRS in 2011 allowed those from these counties to deduct travel expenses which probably saved each commuter about $900 a year. This proviso came up for renewal in the Republican controlled House of Representatives– the Democratic Senate passed the bill. Alas, Hayworth did not believe there was any worth in getting the bill passed in the House of Representatives.

Oh, she waited until it was too late to pass the bill and then introduced her version of the bill.