Tea Party Ranters Lack Knowledge Of Tea Party!

Tea Party followers have decided to hold a national convention in Tennessee and have Sarah Palin display her ignorance which would fit into the mode of operation of these ignorant yokels of America. It is apparent none of them actually knows anything about the reasons for the Boston Tea Party. According to modern Tea Party ranters, the Boston incident arose
because Americans did not wish to pay higher taxes on tea. SORRY FELLOWS, YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG. THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT –LOWERED– THE PRICE OF TEA!! It might be interesting if Tea Party advocates actually read a book on history. Of course, their designated moron, Sarah Palin, is living proof that ignorance can result in making money.

Professor John Mark Reynolds, a conservative philosopher, read Sarah Palin’s book and came away in fury. It turns out Ms. Palin, a leading scholar in Greek history, misquoted Aristotle and Plato. As Reynolds notes, “but in writing a book full of spurious misquotations, Sarah Palin demonstrates she is not serious.” I beg to differ with the professor. She is serious, serious about making money and being in the spotlight.