Tea Party Reasoning–No Jobs, Lower Taxes!

Once upon a time in America this nation was known for its daring, its development of new industries and ventures such as the transcontinental railroad that linked east and west coasts. We were the nation that built the greatest highway system in the world, we built the Alaska highway in less than a year, we build great dams, we sent buildings to the sky, but, alas, today we inhabit a world run by people with Tea Party ideas. Governor Chris Christie cancelled construction of a new tunnel underneath the Hudson River that doubled the number of trains able to enter New York City. He cancelled the most adventurous building program in the nation and, in so doing, cancelled over 6,000 jobs. He cancelled efforts to reduce pollution, he cancelled efforts to reduce time spent in traffic, he reduced efforts to create a modern railroad system. Of course, for Governor Christie and the Tea Party, these are not important issues. The bottom line for these people is one thing–keep taxes down on wealthy people.

The governor moans and groans about higher taxes. Over $600 million already has been spent to develop the new tunnel. Yes, there might be higher taxes, but he ignores by reducing car use, we reduce pollution, by speeding up travel for commuters, we save them money. Perhaps, the American people will learn from this experience that a vote for the Tea Party is a vote to reduce jobs.