Tea Party Stages Revolution

Members of the Tea Party believe strongly in the  concept of revolution, which of course means rebelling against oppressive regimes. Grab a gun, march on the enemy installation and swing into battle is what a God fearing, red blooded American member of this group believes one should do. Former Congressman Dick Armery grabbed a gun, got an aide with a gun and asked his red blooded wife to join the team and they assaulted the enemy position. In this case, the enemy was a conservative Tea Party outfit known as FreedomWorks. They stormed into its headquarters and Dick escorted CEO Matt Kebbe and a vice president from the premises.

Startled office workers observed this coup d’etat with confusion as their leaders were forced to leave. At first, many thought “the government” was finally carrying out its long planned program to destroy the Tea Party. After a few weeks, Dick proved that giving Tea Party folks power only led to mass confusion and he left only to be replaced by those who he had ousted.

Just like Tea Party folk in Congress. They have absolutely no idea how to govern anything.