Tea Party Stalwart In Hot Water!

Tennessee Republican Congressman, Scott Desjarlais came out swinging during the past election against the sin of abortion and in support of traditional family values of family life. He is particularly opposed to things like abortion which is simply the work of the devil. It now turns out the Tea Party favorite asked his former wife to have two abortions, he begged his mistress to have an abortion, and had five affairs while married, two with patients at the hospital where he was a doctor and two with co-workers at the hospital.

Scott defends his behavior on grounds, “I am human.” Yes, Scott, you are human and so are ALL those who seek an abortion. Yes, you are human for having affairs, and so are untold millions of other humans.

I am certain the Tea Party will once again support an abortionist, infidel husband and a man who violates ethics of a doctor by having an affair with patients.