Tea Party Stimulus –25 Jobs!

Members of the Tea Party rant and rave against government “handouts” to those damn lazy people on welfare. The Tea Party seeks to return to the good old days of free enterprise when “the government” did not intervene in the economy and people made it on their own. I assume they mean back to the days of Alexander Hamilton who created the Bank of the US and who pushed for high tariffs in order to protect new American business enterprises who could not compete with British rivals. Or, perhaps, they refer to the transcontinental railroad which received thousands of free acres of land to be sold in order to pay for the cost of the railroad that linked east and west coasts. Carl Paladino, a modern advocate of free enterprise, is a businessman who seeks the office of governor of New York on a ticket that promises to end “the government” getting involved in the economy. But, for some strange reason, his Empire Zone Investment company and other such companies under his control, received at least $3 million from “the government” in order to stimulate creation of jobs. Well, Carl did carry out what he was paid to do–his companies generated 25 new jobs and it is thanks to free enterprise leaders such as Carl why this nation is getting out of the recession.

If hypocrisy was a virtue, all members of the Tea Party would be saints in heaven. Members of the Tea Party are, statistically, of the upper middle or wealthy classes and they receive all sorts of government handouts. The real goal of the Tea Party is to create an America in which ONLY THE WEALTHY receive government handouts!