Tea Party Stupidity Once Again!

The major surprise about members of the Tea Party is not their lack of knowledge regarding American history, but  a continuing fascination about Nazi Germany. For some reason, they believe liberals are akin to Nazis. Kim Simac, a Tea Party fanatic, compared American education to that of Nazi Germany. “I am done raising my kids, but if I was a young parent today, I would take my kids out of the public schools. At what point will we stop talking about comparisons to what is occurring today, and what actually happened by the regime of the Nazi’s in the past?”

OK, so, Kim, what did happen in Nazi schools?

1. All positive references to Socialism or liberalism were banned. All liberal authors had their books burned.

2. German Jewish children during the 1930s, had to stand before the class while their teacher pointed out how their faces and bodies were not really of Aryan heritage. German Jewish children were denied entry to colleges, etc..

3. Homosexuals were derided, beaten up and many sent to concentration camps.

4. Union leaders were beaten up, sent to prison or wound up in concentration camps.

So Kim, are you saying the above is now occurring in American schools? If so, name one. Oh, in Texas where the Tea Party is strong, they ban use of textbooks which speak in glowing terms of Martin Luther King or any liberals. I guess, Kim, the state of Texas is closest to what you describe as “Nazis.”