Tea Party Triumphs In Utah School!

Children in a Salt Lake City elementary school went to the cafeteria for lunch, lined up, got a tray and then selected their food. About forty CHILDREN had just begun to eat when cafeteria employees rushed to grab their trays and throw them in the garbage because the children were not eligible to eat lunch in a school in the district. Their parents had failed to pay up to date on the lunch cost, and thus the school wanted to set an example that in modern 2014 America if you are poor, then it is your damn fault. The Tea Party has been arguing for years that it is time to cease feeding moochers who simply want to live off government handouts. I assume Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin will hail this act of taking away food as a shining example of what would happen in America if we would only elect members of the Tea Party to office.

Oh, school officials did apologize and suggest the issue of non-payment could have been handled in a different manner. Welcome to America, welcome to the land in which children are humiliated and embarrassed and denied food because their parents were not able to handle the cost of food.