Teach ABOUT Religion

The Bishop Of Oxford recently made an important point by urging that British school children should be taught, ABOUT religion at a time when there is extensive discussion concerning the Muslim religion. He was reacting to performance of schools which are graded, but noted while they are evaluated on the basis of student performance in subjects like history or English or science, there is no evaluation as to whether youth have any ideas about religion. Glenn Beck and Fox News have “analysts” whose knowledge of the Muslim religion is non-existent, but they mouth on and on about “those people” as though they knew something about “those people.” Jewish religious leader, Jon Benjamin, emphasized, “religious studies has proven itself to be a valuable contribution to the academic curriculum.” One wonders how students could study Medieval Europe without knowledge of religion or the Pilgrims in Massachusetts without understanding how their religious beliefs influenced education and government.

We live at a time of religious ignorance. Few Christians have actually read the Bible, let alone the Sermon on the Mount. Put it this way, most American members of the Tea Party know as much about the Constitution as they do about their own religious values. You know, that stuff from Christ about being concerned about the poor!

It would be nice for a change to actually teach about Christianity.