Teachers And Student Rights

I write from the perspective of once being a teenager who attended high school. In all honesty, the females who engaged me with thoughts of knowledge and wisdom were sort of on the ugly side. In all honesty, the thought of engaging in the act of kissing one of these old ladies would have sent me to the nearest toilet in order to throw up. But, I did go to the movies and frequently saw the faces and bodies of gorgeous females who, supposedly, were engaged in the act of teaching young males. So, from these pictures the thought of kissing a female teacher did enter my consciousness. Reality check: I did not have the slightest idea how to have sex with a female. So, what do I now encounter in my life?

Ms. Kalyn Thompson, age 28, a female teacher at Killyville High School in the state of Oklahoma had in her class a nice young 18 year old boy student. He was failing her course. So, she offered him an opportunity to receive an “A” grade. They had sex by the side of a lake! Wow! the ultimate dream of a young virile male student-sex with a gorgeous woman. Who cares if she is your teacher? For some reason the state of Oklahoma, which allows consensual sex between two people who are 18 does not allow a virile male student to have sex with his teacher until he reaches the age of 21!

We males have rights. We should have the right to have sex with any female, regardless of her occupation. Heck, in any corporation, sex goes on all the time, even between the secretary and her boss and no one sends anyone to jail. Equal rights for male students!