The Palestinian village of Bilin has been at the center of international concern for years because Jewish settlers came into their area and had barriers erected which prevented Palestinian farmers access to their land. In 2007. the Supreme Court of Israel ruled the barriers were illegal and ordered they be demolished. Years passed, European political leaders cited Bilin as an example of how Israel tramples on the rights of Palestinians, Israel human rights activists joined with Palestinian protesters to demand an end to walls. Finally, finally, after FOUR YEARS a decision of the Supreme Court was implemented by the Israel government. I am certain Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will once again blame Palestinians for his refusal to act in a legal manner. He defied his own Supreme Court!

Peace between Israelis and Palestinians requires that Jews accept responsibility for their actions which violate law and cease the defensive attitude that Palestinians are always in the wrong. Palestinians have used non-violent demonstrations in this case. ISRAEL NEEDS A MARTIN LUTHER KING TO EMERGE WHO CAN LEAD THE NATION INTO A PEACEFUL ERA.