Tears Of Sorrow

Prime Minister Recep Erdogan runs a tight ship that is known to the world as the nation of Turkey. He has crushed the military who once opposed his rule and he has sent at least 60 journalists to jail for the crime of informing the world that he is not always perfect. After all, how can one run a nation unless one is always correct? Prime Minister Erdogan got very upset at Twitter because people are saying nasty things about him. Erdogan Demironen, a rather wealthy man who happens to own Twitter in Turkey is very upset because the main guy in the nation is very upset. He recently called the prime minister and uttered these words: “Did I upset you boss? What would you like me to do?” I assume if you are a billionaire it is rare to apologize or even to inquire as to what you should do.

But, Recep is mad. He recently told his supporters: “I don’t understand how people of good sense could defend Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. There are all kinds of lies there.” I assume he refers to the YouTube tape which reveals how the prime minister and his son discussed how to hide money. Yep, all kinds of lies!