Tebow Acts Like Tebow

Tim Tebow sort of played quarterback with the New York Jets NFL football team last year. He did finally complete a few passes, but his performance is best described as the non-existant quarterback. However, during his college career, the young man always crossed his heart in order to acknowledge that God was responsible when he threw a touchdown pass. He boasted of having God in his heart and soul. For some strange reason, God took a vacation last year and never showed up at a stadium where Tebow was playing, or, at least, pretending to play.

Tim was invited to speak at the 11,000 member Dallas First Baptist Church whose minister, Rev. Robert Jeffress does not like Jews, Mormons, Muslims or whoever is not a Baptist. Jeffress insists that gays all have AIDS and there is a connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. Then again, according to Jeffress the election of Barack Obama means we now have the “antiChrist” leading the nation.

At least Tim Tebow now has an audience and perhaps he can throw a football into it and finally score a touchdown!