Ted Cruz And Communists

During his brief encounter with the American people, the man from Texas(who was born in Canada) has made clear his opposition to communists, spics, fags, lesbians and other forms of scum in the world. He has stood tall for true 100% Americans who were born in this country(naturally, those born in Canada to an American mom are exempt from the scorn), and his opposition to foreigners remains part of the new America he seeks to establish. Many of his loyal supporters were shocked to learn their hero actually issued a positive statement about the commie from South Africa, Nelson Mandela. For some strange reason, Ted referred to the radical as “a defender of liberty.” Wow! A man who engaged in “terrorism” was praised by a true son of the wild west and a defender of the beloved state of Texas.

Some of his supporters are furious because in their view, the Nobel Peace Prize winner was “a communist,” a “terrorist.” a “scumbag” who consorted with radical and, most probably, a friend of Osama bin Laden. Ted, if you want to become an icon for liberty, quit praising scumbags!